10 Books Recommended By Top Entrepreneurs For A Rich Life.

You become what you read. If you want to build a successful empire where you call the shot; you might want to begin with the following books. Successful entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban, Peter Thiel and others highly recommend this list for young entrepreneurs who are about to step in the business world.

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

You would not find any list of books for entrepreneurs without this gem. Robert Kiyosaki explains that schools does not provide financial education. As a result parents teach their kids that at homes. But the problem is most parents are not in the top 1% rich category, so they provide them bad advice. He gives the example of his “Two” dads. One dad is an eight grader but thinks rich and grows rich. The other dad has a PhD but he is always broke. Each views money differently. Rich dad doesn’t work for money while the poor one works for money.
Among other concept, on one occasion Robert contends that an asset is something which brings money to your pocket and a liability is something which takes money out of your pocket. Mostly people buy liabilities thinking it’s their asset. E.g you live in a house and you give away $1000 a month in its expenses. It will not be considered as an asset. Rather, it is a liability.

The book is perfect for beginners with no idea of financial education.

2. How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie:

When it comes to self-improvement, Dale Carnegie’s writings serve a benchmark. Written in 1934, who would have thought the people would benefit from this top-notch writing in the present digital age?

The book gives instructions on how to make friends, tackle people, to become a good leader, bring people to your thinking and how to have a successful domestic life.

Carnegie encourages people to take genuine interest in others’ lives. In doing so you’ll create variety and charm in your life. Moreover, show respect to other fellow human beings and never nullify their opinion.

3. Work The System by Sam Carpenter:

This book focuses on people to bring changes to their view about the world and their fundamental perceptions about the systems working. The Author enlightens public about an impassable, vague collection of things to a systematic order of matters.

It is simple yet interesting book not based on theoretical or mystical knowledge but on believable and mechanical work. The strategies explained in this book will not only help individuals improve efficiency but also help then get rid of the tension that arises from disorganization.

4. Zero To One By Peter Thiel:

You don’t want to miss this one. Written by co-founder of PayPal, venture capitalist and entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

Janson Shen reviewed the book, issuing a strong recommendation to readers to buy it.

Peter suggests that one should focus on businesses that create something new, going from zero to one. Not the other way around. Further, for a longstanding successful business one needs to build and maintain monopolies.

The story doesn’t end here; when monopolies are created then they should be preserved. About success he argues that success isn’t just a matter of luck but it is created. And for success you need to specialize not generalize in things. If you focus primarily on yourself it will help you develop unique skills that are much needed for long run success.

5. Building The Internet Of Things by Maciej Kranz:

In an interview to NASDAQ the author Maciej Kranz explains the concept of IOT by the progress of Harley Davidson. According to him; it took Harley Davidson 18 months to take an order and deliver the end product. And after adapting Internet of Things concept it takes them 2 weeks to complete the entire process.

IOT is basically connecting everything to networks and internet as well. This book provides entrepreneurs with latest insight on capitalizing on latest transformations. Besides, it also provides strategies to take advantage of the opportunities through IOT.

6. Winning Through Intimidation by Rober Ringer:

Don’t judge a book by the title of its cover. The book actually explains how to defend yourself against intimidating people rather than winning through intimidating others. So don’t let the title mislead you.

A wonderful piece of writing indeed. On an occasion the author explains that the opponents shall be intimidated by being perfectly prepared about them and not by bullying them. He adds to it by elaborating that most people think the business game should be played on a fair ground but in reality it’s played in a jungle. Accept the reality and do not change it?

In one of his theories in the book “Ice Ball Theory” he tries explain that the sun will burn out in around 50 billion years and the earth will freeze when it’s done. Thus, feel free about life and play to win. You are going to die anyway then why play conservatively.

7. The Psychology Of Selling by Brian Tracy:

Brian Tracy has certainly made an impact on the sales world by his speeches and books. This book is a specimen of his mastery on the topic.

Some people have naturally good communication and persuasion skill so they are good at sales. But other don’t. Can they still become good salesmen? Yes Tracy explains.

The author suggests to switch the negative thought into positive thought. It will change your entire outlook. Use the famous “fake it till you make it” phrase. In addition, sales is about playing with the subconscious: keep your body language up-top. Write down the list of things you want to achieve. The longer the list the more motivated you are.

Further he elaborates that people don’t care about the product until there’s something in it for them. Recognizing what the needs of your customers are makes them like you more. And when they like you they buy your product.

The book is a must read for selling.

8. The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker:

Since its publication in 1967, it has transformed thousands of regular managers into Effective Executives. Drucker asserts that effective executives share common traits and effectiveness is a collection of habits.

He identifies 5 qualities in effective executives:

  • They know where their time goes
  • They focus on what they can contribute
  • They build on strengths
  • They concentrate on few major areas
  • They make effective decisions.

Every modern manager, executive and entrepreneur should read this book.

9. Tools Of Titans By Tim Ferris:

In this book Tim has gathered all the useful information tactics, rituals and routines of billionaires and tried to put them in perspective. The author has gone ahead and distilled all the valuable knowledge from these world class contenders.

According Tim “titans” create rules for themselves in terms of uncommon habits. E.g as per Peter Thiel If you have a ten years plan to get to somewhere, why can’t you do it in six months? Unique attitude like this differentiates them from common people. The book is indeed a true source of inspiration and direction.

10. Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Written in the Great Depression era, one of the best books on growing rich. The book doesn’t focus on stock picking or any investment plan but Hill focuses on how to overcome the psychological barriers that keeps people from becoming rich. You don’t want to miss reading this book.


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