10 Movies Every Entrepreneur Must Watch.

1. The Pursuit of Happiness:

Life is a constant grapple for a father Chris Gardner (Will Smith) and his son who are ousted from their apartment and have no place to go. Despite getting a job at a renown brokerage firm, Chris isn’t paid any money there. Both father and son live a miserable life in shelter but Chris refuses to give up and eventually succeed.

A truly emotional and motivational movie which will pump you up.

2. The Social Network:

Mark Zekerburg played by Jessie Eisenberg a Harvard undergrad student, a genius creates Facebook in 2003 which turns out to be a social media giant. After six years he becomes the youngest billionaire of all time but he faces two lawsuits eventually. One from his close friend who initiated Facebook with him leading him to personal and legal complications.

3. Rocky 4:

Sylvester Stallone play the iconic role of Rocky Balboa in the movies series. In Rocky 4 Rocky decides to retire and spend a happy life with his wife but his friend Apollo dies in the ring beaten mercilessly by the Russian beast Ivan Drago. Rocky wants to avenge his Friend’s death and flies to Russia to compete with Ivan. There he trains in the tough conditions and eventually beats up his opponent after a long and tough match.

4. Startup.com:

The documentary is about .com startup govWork.com. The startup raises $60 million from many sources but could not survive. It has many valuable lessons for the entrepreneurs.

5. Catch Me If You Can:

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Frank Abagnale, Jr who worked as lawyer, a doctor, a co-pilot for an airline before the age of 18. He further goes on to become most successful bank robber in the history of US until caught by FBI. Though he’s always a step ahead of the authorities.

6. Limitless:

Going through a dismal stage of his like Eddie (Bradly Cooper) faces unemployment and rejection from girlfriend. In this gloomy situation Eddie’s bro-in-law who gives him some drug called NZT which enhances his mental capabilities. His life changes all of a sudden, he becomes financially successful at sock exchange and finishes his writing projects. But the meds have harmful side effects on him along with other ramifications.

7. Wall Street:

A story of a young, peevish stockbroker who is willing to go to extreme level to reach the top which includes stcok market trading based on insider information extracted through a greedy, mean and ruthless corporate raider. With the passage of time many complications emerge among the stakeholders.

8.  Pirates of the Silicon Valley:

A biographical gaze at the two people who revolutionary the tech world; Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. What effort it took to build the corporate giants like Apple Inc and Microsoft, all diligently shown in the movie.

9. Moneyball:

Oakland A’s manager successfully builds up a baseball team on a low budget but he uses computer based analysis for his advantage. A classic movie for entrepreneurs.

10. Wolf of Wall Street:

An beautiful movie to watch, based on a true story of Jordan Belfort starred by Leonardo DiCaprio. Shows the rise of a wealthy stockbroker living a dream life to his fall involving crime and corruption. A must watch.

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