11 tips of spending money on style and grooming.

Imagine someone hands you over a $1000 and say; go out spend this money on yourself without hesitation. Buy the stuff which you need. You will almost be taken by surprise if you don’t have an idea where to spend your bucks on.

In situations like this personality grooming come into play. It teaches us how to spend money on yourself and your family to look nice and attractive.

Following ten items you should definitely have in your collection to begin with:

1. A nice pair of sunglasses:

With surging temperatures and increasing sunlight, sunglasses are very important for eyes protection. American Optometric Association suggests sunglasses when a person goes out in sun. Similarly, sunglasses look wonderful on both men and women.

You can wear with a suit, on the beach or for a walk. Some people don’t want to spend a hundred bucks on a pair of sunglasses and get something cheap and substandard. Consequently, they damage their precious eyes.

Cheap stuff is not durable and comfortable either. You can easily find nice and authentic sunglasses  not “very” expensive. Spending money on this item will a reasonable option.

2. A wrist watch :

After the advent of mobile phones the wrist watch sort of lost it’s significance for some time, but not anymore. The trend of wrist watches is back!! Spending money on a sober wrist watch is a must for personality grooming and looking good.

It gives a very pleasant image of a person. The watch makes you time conscious and you manage your time effectively. If you can afford go for a luxury watch like a Rolex or Omega. Elsewise, you can get a cool watch for a fair price. Seiko proves to be a durable budget watch.

3. Shoes:

If you have a desk job or a business get few pairs of fancy leather shoes. Keep them polished and shiny when you wear them. To add some spice, try different colors: black, brown etc depending on your taste. 007 always wears a nice pair of shoes.

Furthermore, nice shoes adds up to your charm; people shouldn’t be hesitant in spending money on footwear. Our pick!

4. Suits:

You don’t have to be crazy like Barney Stinson from “how I met your mother” t.v serial about suits. Yet, you should have at least 5-6 nice and new suits in your wardrobe. Dry clean them on time and discard them when they are getting old. Further, there are a variety of colors in suits. For example:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Navy blue
  • Brown

You can decide based on your skin complexion. Black should definitely be part of your collection.

5. Shirts, belts and ties:

Leather belts, cotton shirts and colorful ties and a good investment in personality grooming. Color combination is very important in choosing these. Moreover, If you don’t understand them well, take some expert’s advice on it. A guide about how to perfectly dress.

6. A reasonable ride:

Have an appropriate ride. It’ll comfort you in many ways and safe your precious time and energy. Environment green cars would be preferable. In addition, one should not opt for a vehicle beyond one’s requirement. You ain’t no millionaire celebrity.

7. An Attaché briefcase:

In the tech age an attache brief case might sound a bit outdated but personality grooming gurus recommend it. You keep your important documents and papers in it. Moreover if you travel frequently, it can be real handy. You can also put your tab or lappy inside it. Therefore, spending some extra bucks on this item won’t be a waste of money.

8. Tooth brush and tooth paste:

Change your tooth brush on time! Ironically, I have seen people going on with one tooth brush for months which is ridiculous. The cost you pay for delays in getting a few toothbrush is very high. Besides, choose a quality toothpaste to avoid cavities and gum issues. It will benefit you in the following way:

  • A good breath
  • Less cavity
  • Nice smile
  • Long life of teeth.

9. Shampoo:

Whether you have long hair or short hair a quality shampoo is very important. You should choose it according to your hair type. Some people have oily hair, some have dandruff; your shampoo should be in accordance to that.

Thus, spending money on right shampoo means you are fulfilling the requirement of properly groomed hair.

10. Colognes and perfumes:

Similarly, you may have come across the point when someone passes by you and you take a deep breath just to enjoy the pleasant aroma which he/she is wearing. It’s a very enjoyable feeling. Further, there is a plethora of scents brands out there.

Try them and choose accordingly. Thus, spending money on delightful scents is always recommended. It’s worth it! Ladies’ all time favorite Chanel 5.

11. Travel:

Go out an explore the world. It will cost you a fortune but the benefits your get from travelling are invaluable.

“Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely”. Thomas Henry Huxley .

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