16 essentials that can make you an Alpha man.

The term Alpha male or Alpha man originally belongs to animal kingdom. An animal who gets to eat first, mate first, dominates the territory and gets what he wants.

Same applies to humans: an alpha man is one who the best gaul in the chicks corner.

His voice cannot go unnoticed; people likes him; everyone wants to be friends with him; he dominates the scenario and gets what he wants!

Thus, if you are any alpha man these 16 points are already part of your personality; on the contrary you can judge yourself on this scale and try to acclimatize these traits to be atop of others:

1. Take what’s yours:

The real world out there is no different than a jungle. You will not get what is yours. You will have to “take it” from other.

To become an alpha man you ought to take what’s your’s; otherwise your rights will be confiscated by others.

2. Be aggressive:

Quite often we hear the quote”the best defense is a good offense”. In any environment if you are aggressive; people would avoid messing up with you because they know they’ll get a tough time in return.

As a result, people will think twice before coming to you or your close ones.

3. Become audacious:

Take risks! if you play it too safe, it won’t get you anywhere. fearlessness is key to become an alpha man.

Moreover, taking risk doesn’t mean you blindly get into everything that seems lucrative.

What it infers is that minimize risk as much as you can and then go for it. Risk management experts contend that risk can never be zero.

4. Good shape:

An alpha man is naturally in a good shape, because, to muster dominance you must have the material in you.

So, a good body is a pre-requisite for an alpha man. there’s always room for improvement in this regard. If you are born smaller, you can still add some bulk to yourself.

5. Tenacity:

An alpha man is tenacious and persistence. He doesn’t believe in backing off. Adapt the policy of a tortoise who make progress slowly but steadily.

6. Good company:

The alpha male is always a good company. He entertains others which draws people towards him. Furthermore, if it’s party or a conference or a college tour, he keeps everyone busy. Thus, he gets rampant attention from others. Try to be a pleasant company; don’t be a pain in ass.

7. Unique skill/skills:

Try study attractive people; you will always find some kind of unique skill in them. E.g they will paint, can play a musical instrument, be a poet/writer or good pulling off some stunts that attract people.

To be different from the clan, one must have a unique set of skill/skills.

8. Admit your flaws:

The alpha man can admit to his shortcomings. He can even laugh at himself. If you want to become an alpha male you should first accept your flaws and try to rectify them. Here is how to do this:-

Make a list of your weak points you think that hinder your progress. Arrange them priority wise. Take them on one by one.

9. Stop worrying:

An alpha man does not worry about problems. On the contrary, he does his best to solve them. Successful people in their careers tend to focus on solutions rather than the problems. You can never control events; what you can do is to try and find solutions to asymmetric events. You can’t get a better book than Dale Carnegie’s classic writing about halting worrisome and get a living.

10. Strong nerves:

Whenever there’s a crisis situations an alpha male controls his nerves, gets his head down and try to get himself or his family or his team out of the volatile situation.

E.g Roger Federer is famous for his strong nerves. In 2012 Wimbledon Final between Andy Murray and Roger Federer; Federer was down by one set in the beginning of the match.

But he fought his way back in the second set dominating the match till end. Eventually, Federer wining the title.

The match was a classic example of keeping your nerves under control in stress situation.

11. Choose your battles:

Before getting into a competition, a fight or a rivalry; first address the questions “is it worth it?”. If the answer is yes then go for it.

Otherwise, back off. An alpha man does not wastes his energies on trivial matters.

12. Treat women well:

There’s a very thin line between arrogance and being an alpha man. An alpha male is not arrogant. He treats women with care and respect.

Women like gentlemanly behavior by men. They like it when a guys open the car’s door for her or helps them making make dinner.

The rule of good treatment applies to general people too.

13. Maintains code of honor:

To become an alpha man you must have some basic principles of honor which you protect no matter what happens. H.L.Mencken says ” Honor is simply the morality of a superior man”.

All great men in the history of time maintained a code of honor. If you want to become great, have honor.

14. A leader:

Alpha men always come across as leaders not followers. They are the trend setters. They set their own rules and lead from the front.

Whether it is in the battle field or a corporate environment; they choose to lead.

15. Helpful to others:

In order to win the hearts of other, you need to help other people as much as possible. Similarly, when you are supportive to others, people spread a good word for you.

16. Stylish:

The alpha male is stylish. Similarly, he know how to dress, what to wear and when to wear. He is up to date as well flexible and open to change.

Therefore, “you” can also be an alpha man. It’s no rocket science. Just apply these rules and get in the game!!!


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