30 Do’s And Don’ts Of Dress Code Every Man Should Follow.

dress code for men

Every man want to look attractive but how many men actually know the basic ingredients of looking good? Here are 30 basic style rules of dress code for men which you should follow:

1. The belt which you are wearing should match with the color of your shoes.

2. With a black suit wear black shoes.

3. If you are going with a blue, gray or some combination, brown shoes are advisable to wear with them.

4. Get a tidy haircut on regular basis. Do not let people know that you need one.

5. Always go out with a wristwatch.

6. Use vertical stripped shirts for a smarter and thinner outlook.

7. You should have at least four suits in your wardrobe.

8. The tie should be from the collar bottom down to the top of trouser top bottom. Longer or shorter than that gives an awkward outlook.

9. Have at least two pairs of dress shoes.

10. Wear slippers only at beach or house. Don’t use them for any other purpose.

11.Use a tie properly. Not with untucked or loose shirts.

12. Always avoid matching blazers with dress pants.

13. Never leave the house with wrinkled cloths.

14. Wear a belt with according to the size of the belt loops. Not a thin belt with bigger belt loops trouser and vice versa.

15. Always carry a nice pen. It musters elegance.

16. Have many white shirts in your collection. It gives a sophisticated look.

17. Try wearing simple t-shirts without photos or writing. It portrays sobriety.

18. Try to avoid wearing visible logos especially in a formal attire. You are a depiction of your stylish personality which shouldn’t rely on brands.

19. Clip any loose thread from your cloths. It gives a lazy impression to others.

20. Wear a suspender or a belt at one time. Never wear both of them.

21. Try to wear fit outfits. Lousy dresses makes you.

22. Your leather shoes should be regularly polished and shinny. It will provide you confidence.

23. A hat will give you a nice look. Just make your you take it off when you go inside unless it’s a public place.

24. Wear collar stays if your collar tends to curl up.

25. Shave daily and look fresh.

26. Don’t forget to wear a cologne.

27. In summers wear lighter colors whereas in winters wear darker colors.

28. Before leaving the house have a quick once over with a fabric brush.

29. Sunglasses can add up to your charm. But take them off once your enter somewhere. You ain’t no celebrity.

30. Never wear big bulk and flashy belts. Doesn’t look professional.

If you take this dress code for men seriously, people will start taking you seriously. Remember your outlook matters, and a august outlook will have profound effects on other.


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