Strategies used by smart people to overcome stress [10 simple steps]

overcome stress

We all come across stressful situations in our lives on daily basis. Whether it’s your job or conjugal affairs, stress is lingering around all the time. The real question is how to overcome stress when it is hitting you?

In this regard there are two kinds of people; one, who stay calm in stressful situations, the others who go frenzy.

You don’t want to be the latter one because they bring agony not only to themselves with their negative attitude but also to the people who are related to them. In addition, stress is all about mind’s game. How you perceive a situation and how to deal with it.

For example there cannot be any greater stressful arena than a battlefield but soldiers try overcome stress even in such harsh conditions.

Because they know the more they stress the worse it gonna get.  Same is the case with business world, education, sports and relationships.

If you want to have a sound life you ought to control stress. It is not that hard to overcome stress. I ensure you when you follow these 10 simple steps you will feel much relieved and perform your daily life tasks in a much better way:

1. Appreciate what you already have:

Will you trade your leg with someone for a million dollars?

I don’t think so any sane person would go into such a deal.

To overcome stress you need to appreciate what you already have and don’t think about those things which you do not have.

Whenever you go into a stress mood think about those homeless people who are out there on the streets living a miserable life. Soon you will realize that you are way better than millions of people out there.

2. Take some time out:

 On one side tech revolution has made our lives convenient but on the other hand it has added stress to our routine massively.


According to new research conducted by British Psychologists on average an adults uses his/her smartphone 5.05hrs a day. The study further says that 84 times the cell phones were used by the subjects in a day.

Can you imagine how much stress it excessive use is causing you? Beyond imagination.

Thus, to overcome stress and remain calm you need to take some time out from these tech gadgets and all.

Turn them off, keep them out of your reach for some time because if they are lying close to you you’d be itching to check if someone has sent you an email or a message.

no phones

Similarly, social media also adds plenty of stress to our lives. Posting a status on Fb and then constantly checking it’s like and comments; rampant use of other social media consumes a great deal of our time and energy.

Unless until it is necessary try to avoid it as much as possible.

Go to a calm place and contemplate.

3. Stop saying “what if?”:

That’s a ridiculous thing to say. Why harbor uncertainty and speculate when there is no need. What is going to happen will happen anyway; you saying what if  won’t change the results.

If you start questioning everything you will lose your mind soon.

So, instead of overthinking it, just sleep over it. Things will unfold itself.

4. Remain positive:

Always have a positive frame of mind. No matter how bad the situation is staying positive will not only let you overcome stress but it will also let you think of any workable solutions too.


Helen Keller despite being deaf, blind and dumb says “I have found life so beautiful”. This is called pure positive approach.

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5. Sleep well:

There’s no alternative to a good night sleep in order to overcome stress. Sleep recharges your brain and eases your body muscles which help you function well.

On the contrary, less sleep will make you lazy and your thinking abilities will ultimately be hampered.

6. Limit the caffeine intake:

Caffeine intake triggers adrenaline which is a hormone released in the time of fight or flight. It keeps you up, increases your blood pressure keeps you up.

Thus, affecting your sleep pattern adversely. In order to be calm caffeine intake should be minimized. Avoid extra coffee, energy drinks and all.

7. Breathe to overcome stress:

Whenever faced with stress try this;

take a deep breath.

For a moment forget about everything. Close the door, get rid of all the distraction close your eyes and begin breathing.


Count 20-30 deep breaths while focusing on what you are doing. It may seem easy but it is not. Focusing needs some effort but once you do that you will see that you have already overcome stress to a greater extent.

8. Avoiding the negative self-talk:

 You become what you think of !

Avoid negative self-talk. There’s a very thin line between negativity and positivity. One can slip easily to the negative area but you need to get out of that zone asap.

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9. Reframe your perspective:

 Quite often we set unrealistic goals for ourselves which account to annoying stress.

One easy way to overcome stress is to have pragmatic goals and approach.

If you set a benchmark for yourself which is not achievable you will stress out. Moreover, daydreaming is fun but not in real world.

Frankly it doesn’t work that way. You cannot control the outer circumstances, but you can control what’s in your hand. Thus, always be ready to make timely adjustments to your plans.

10. Get help from your well wishers:

 To overcome stress you can always share with your friends, family and well wishers. It is guaranteed that it will make you calmer.

Besides, talking to people around you can provide you solutions to your problems too. Maybe you are overlooking a very important point and they point it out for you. You never know.

Therefore, do not hesitate in sharing your problems or ideas with your well wishers.

Whenever you stress out; take a deep breath and think about what you have in hand. Ponder over your option. Something encouraging will definitely come up.

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