8 Reasons Behind Procrastination And Cure To Them.

Almost everyone out there suffers from procrastination. Whether young or adults, people tend delay things. Similarly, both productive and non-productive people suffer from procrastination. If procrastination gets hold of you, it becomes very difficult to get rid off. Besides, it’s equally lethal for your productivity.

It can even cause a grave threat to your safety. E.g you have to change your worn out tires of you car and you are procrastinating about it. As a result the tire can burst in the middle of the road and you can face a tragedy.


At work, if you are not finishing your assignments on time, the humongous backlog will keep on piling up with every passing day and will reach a point of no return resulting in your bad reputation.

Having said that

Procrastination is not that difficult to beat. It require some commitment and resolve and if you apply the right strategy to curtail it, you will make it.

In order to overcome procrastination, initially we will identify its main causes. And with every cause i will also provide the solution to it.

Here are 8 basic causes of procrastination and solution to them:

1. You suck at time management:

If you have no clue of your daily time routine, chances are that you will fall for procrastination. When you do not take “time” seriously, then you don’t hesitate in wasting it.

And when you waste time you think you can do the job some other time and you procrastinate. You waste hours gossiping on non issues with people at work leaving the job undone.


Adapt effective time management schedule. When you have a strict time schedule you will allocate time to different tasks. And you will know that if you waste time allocated to one thing; it will affect the other jobs adversely.

2.  You feel over-occupied:

Quite often there’re so many tasks which on your clock that you feel over-occupied about them. When you think about them they seem humongous to you and you freak out. Consequently, non of the tasks is completed.

This happens mostly in sophisticated task. Instead of going to the micro-level and find a solution to the problem; people take the easy road by delaying things. This strategy does not work very well because the problem still lies there.


Divide the tasks into smaller pieces. Take on the tasks one by one. Breaking down the challenge into smaller units and approaching them one by one makes it lot easier.

You can begin with the easier aspects and slowly shift the focus to tricky stages. This way you’ll not lose hope right in the beginning and you will progress gradually.

3. Not utilizing your peak time:

Everyone has a patch of optimal time in the day. During that time he works at full throttle and be the most productive.

On the other hand when you are tired and not feeling active, you procrastinate and put things off.


Do some digging and find out at what time you work at your maximum. Once you identify that time you can initiate the difficult tasks at that time. Due to high level of motivation, you will complete the job on time.

4. You seek for help on every step:

Many a times people don’t use their brains and ask for help from other. When they get instant help they think there’s no hurry in completing the job.

Some prince charming will always be there for the rescue, which leads to procrastination.


Take minimum help from other. Try to find solution to the problems by thorough search. Not only will you complete the task on time, but also learn a plethora of things on the way.

You won’t learn anything if you always seek help from others.

5. Unrealistic goals:

You make up your mind to join the gym and work on your physique. But you set your standards high and want quick results.

You’ll notice after few days of workout you won’t see any considerable change in your body. Resultantly, you will find excuse to go to gym and procrastinate about it.

That’s what happens when you set unrealistic goals for you.

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Never set unrealistic goals for yourself because it will end up in dismay. Set something which is within reach and achievable.

6. Obstacles in your path:

There are many obstacles in the path of progress which hamper the advance. When people come across them they get annoyed and find comfort in procrastination just to avoid it for the time being.

For example at your work place, to get your job done if you have to go through the IT guy for some reason. But he is very non-cooperative. Chances are that you’ll avoid him and the problem remains unsolved.


Try not to get such obstacles on your nerves. Focus!

7. Avoid distractions to curtail procrastination:

Let’s admit it, there are so many distractions around us that we get indulge in them and lose our drift easily. E.g you have the entire internet under your thumb in the form of a mobile phone which easily distracts you and give an excuse to procrastinate.


Get over these distractions. If you want to finish your job on time then you have to put them aside while you are working.

8. Perfectionism:

Perfectionism is something which drains a lot of useful energy from people. You can make it perfect, then why fret about it? Getting average quality work done is better than getting no work done in the quest of perfection.

If you don’t take a start you will not get a chance to fail.

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Don’t overthink it. Just jump right it.

Christopher Parker’s words sum it up real nice “Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill”.


To make it simple:

In order to beat procrastination you will have to get out of your comfort zone. You will have to come to your own rescue. It’s actually not that difficult but need some effort. Once you overcome procrastination your life will be  lively, joyful simple stress-less.


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