Self promotion: An easy route to glory and triumph

self promotion

Think about this; you head towards a dating site in order to find a match for yourself. It depends on how you write about yourself and what kind of pictures you post on your profile. If you write delightful stuff about yourself and come across and a dynamic person; you attract a lot of people.On the other hand if your profile is dull, people won’t bother to say “hi” and they’ll pass.

Self-promotion applies to every trade of life. Politics, corporate world, relationships all need meaningful self-promotion to be triumphant.  But the problem is majority of people don’t know how to self-promote themselves or they are too coy to do it.

It’s not as difficult as it appears. You just need to follow some steps of self promotion for desirable outcomes:

1. Be blatant:

People care so much about other people’s opinion. Always worried if I do this or say this, how people will react to it. They don’t express themselves properly. Consequently, they are not able to impress their target audience.

The first and foremost step of self-promotion is to be open and outgoing about yourself.

A perfect example here would be of Donald Trump. He was shameless and blatant throughout his campaign as compared to his opponents. One can disagree with his thoughts and ideas but he was flagrant about his ideas in his entire election campaign which earned him a decisive victory.

2. Be presentable:

You can tell a lot about a person the way he dresses up. Suppose you have a bank job and you deal with clients on regular basis. But you wear a t-shit and sneakers to work; nobody is gonna take you serious. You should get dressed according to the occasion.

You don’t wear a three piece suit to hang out with friends late night. Likewise you don’t go to a red carpet ceremony and wear shorts. You might be kicked out by the staff there.

3. Tell your success stories:

If you have a success story you should tell people about your achievement. But this is a tricky task. In order to have a profound impact on others, your success story shall be told indirectly through some chain of events.

E.g if you are an Oxford alumni, and it really matters to you; you don’t just say “I studied at Oxford”. You can begin the talk with something like: what you learn at a good educational institute directs your entire life. During the talk you can bring Oxford up and relate it to your achievements.

Thus, you killed two birds with one stone. Not only did you tell that you were an Oxford Alumni, but you also didn’t make it sound cheesy.

4.Make predictions:

Once in a while try to make predictions. It can have a unique effect on your self-promotion endeavor. One can predict: certain events, stock behavior, potential talent or politics. If the predictions proves to be correct, it will give you a lot of credibility.

If not, so no big deal. One can afford to take some chance once in a while. Moreover, the predictions should be based on proper background work and study. It should not be just a wild guess.

Most of the entrepreneurs make predictions. People take them as a role model and follow them.

5. Self-Promotion via latest achievements, ideas or thoughts:

How do you feel when someone constantly brag about events that happened years ago? The answer would be; they don’t excite you too much. The reason behind this is that people take more interest in your present state.

What you are currently and how you can be beneficial to the society in any way.

6. Name dropping:

If you haven’t met anyone famous or celebrity do not name drop regarding them. Eventually your lie will be caught. People are no dumb! For instance you have attended a concert of U2 and you them and had a bear with them; it doesn’t make any sense.

You don’t need these clutches to make a good impression on others. On the other hand a better way of doing this would be quoting books. Books gives one credibility.

Furthermore, people will get to know that he’s a learned and well versed person who know what he’s talking about.

7. Build up other people:

Mostly people commit a very common mistake by not supporting the people around you. I have learned from many people that their superiors at work do not transfer their knowledge to them. This is a wrong approach.

The more you help other the better your life will get. Knowledge should not be halted. Like water it makes its way. So be part of spreading knowledge instead of seizing it. Moreover, when you help someone, it provides you with immense internal pleasure, a feeling which can hardly be given by anything else.

Don’t feel hesitant in doing self promotion. If you don’t inform people about your pros they will not know about you.

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