Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People. [9 Major Differences]

A question always baffles me big time: What are the major differences between successful people vs unsuccessful people?

Moreover, If there’s so much information about becoming successful in life, then why isn’t everyone doing good out there?

There are plenty of sublime books about how to become successful, blogs about how to get rich, a plethora of videos of successful entrepreneurs on YouTube, interviews, vlogs and so on.

But even then majority of people are stuck in 9-5 kind of jobs, unhappy with what they are doing. These queries constantly entice me, so i did some digging and found out shocking difference between successful people vs unsuccessful people.

I will with share 9 main differences successful people vs unsuccessful people and i also promise you apply them to yourself, you will end up being successful.

Let’s break it down:

1.Rome was not built in a day:

I heard Brain Tracy saying about successful people vs unsuccessful people; I tell people that if you follow these these rules you will get rich in five years.

Most of them replies and say “that’s a lot of time. Five year? too long!”

That’s a clear indication of negative attitude common in unsuccessful people.

The problem with unsuccessful people is that they want to achieve the work of years in few days which is simply ludicrous.It takes some time and effort to build an empire.

The best part is:

These five years are going to pass by anyway, so why not make them useful.

People tend to overlook this aspect of time. Ideally, they should put their heads down and work vehemently in order to attain gradual progress.

Having said that; there are exceptional cases in which people hit the jackpot like Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook and revolutionized the entire internet world.

But let us not forget that everyone of us cannot be him, we don’t need to be. Follow the long route to success. It will take time but success will come eventually.

2. Goal setting:

I couldn’t emphasis more on effective goal setting.

A lot depends on your goal setting. If you set your goals right, you should know you are moving in the right direction.

Successful people set long term goals while unsuccessful people look for short term gains.

As a result, long term goals produces sustainable outcomes while short term goals bears only timely gains.

Don’t try to win the battle but the war.

Further, successful people break down their goals into small milestones and they get them step by step which make the process easy to handle. In the end they also employ evaluation process to check whether they are on track or have deviated from the path.

This, gives them an idea of their journey. Goal setting stage is cardinal for a successful journey, keeping in view its importance it should be given extra time and focus.

A major difference is noticed in successful people vs unsuccessful people when it comes to effective goal setting.

3. Unsuccessful people suspect everything:

More than a single time I have heard people saying:

“These success stories and rules are just bookish stuff and have no connection with reality”.

Unsuccessful people always tend to suspect people and their achievement which leave them empty handed.

Richard Branson

On the contrary,

successful people take inspiration from other winners. They are ready to bring positive change in their lives and adapt, to much needed changes. Likewise, they read about achievers, take notes from what they say and ultimately apply it to themselves.

Every story may not necessarily be in line with their goals and ambitions but they pick those elements which apply to them and take advantage of them. Again, the attitude of successful people vs unsuccessful people has this radical difference.

4. Difference between the level of trust in others: Successful people vs unsuccessful people.

Furthermore, the extent of trust between successful people vs unsuccessful people in other is different.

Successful people trust others. They believe in others as much as they believe in themselves. When you trust your employees, colleagues and subordinates, then they develop the sense of ownership towards you for whatever they are in with you.

On the other hand, if you don’t put in the level of trust which is needed in your teams, obviously they’d never own their job.

Unsuccessful people do not trust their team on key issue and keep them out of decision making process.

Point is,

If you want to prosper as a firm, as a businessman, as an entrepreneur or simple as a human, you need to start trusting people around you. Lack of trust can also hamper relationship. Trust plays a distinguishes role between successful people vs unsuccessful people.

5. Successful people share the prize:

Point number five between successful people vs unsuccessful people is that,

Successful people are open to sharing the bounty. They believe in a team effort.

They are leaders not managers.

They reiterate that without a well organized team, you cannot achieve your goals. Therefore, they share the reward too.

On the other hand, a greedy person is always making viscous plots how to get the entire prize. In doing so he tries to do all the tasks by himself which leaves him in utter agony.


You cannot master every task. You need to delegate some matters to others. But in order to save the money unsuccessful people do otherwise.

Whereas successful people realize that the world cannot be conquered with a solo flight.

You need men to do that. And those men shall be given a proper cut for their contribution to the cause. If you insist with your greedy “all is mine” attitude, you will get nothing in the end.

Thus, be generous and give to others.

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6. Risk taking:

Unsuccessful people focus more on playing it safe. In doing so they tend to play it too safe and they miss out on an abundance of opportunities which they can use for their benefit otherwise.

But successful people do the opposite. They will take the risk when the situation demands.

Moreover, there is also a wrong notion about entrepreneurs that they take risks blindly and go “all in”.

Mark Cuban views about risk taking differently. His views is that we should minimize risk as much as possible and then go for it. This doesn’t mean that you should totally avoid risk. You need to take risk to stay in the game. Intelligent handling of risk between successful people vs unsuccessful people proves to be a game changer in many cases.

Ideally, you should do the math before risk taking and leave some part portion to chance.

7. Successful people avoid red-tapism:

Some people, when come across a problem get stuck in minor details of rule and regulations. In the meanwhile the problem exacerbates. Whereas, the resilient contenders “improvise”.

They do not let the trivial rules hinder their progress. They are solution oriented people and believe in providing comfort to the people around them. You will notice between successful people vs unsuccessful people that the former are interested in results while the latter are prone to following mundane rules.

8. Self Investment:

Successful people invest their time, energy and money in themselves. The look good, wear good, eat good and spend money marvelously while losers waste their time discussing others.

At the end of the day it all comes to you. What kind of a person you choose to be. Whether a successful one or an unsuccessful person in your life and career. “You become what you believe”.

9. Be proactive rather than reactive:

Stephen Covey in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People says the are two kinds of people:

One who are reactive and the other are proactive.

Reactive people often get affected by their surroundings and physical environment. They focus on those things are are not in their control. They say stuff like:

“If i had more obedient kids…..”

“What If things were better……”

“If i were given the chance…..”

“If i my parents were rich…….”

Bottom line is that they focus on external factors not on what they can do.

On the contrary,

Proactive people focus on they can do to bring a positive change. They don’t blame others for their shortcomings. If they have any problem they admit the wrong and fix it.

A classic example of being proactive is Nick Vujicic. Having no legs and arms he could have let himself drown in the shadows of depression and self-piety but he didn’t. He choose to be proactive, he have a super life with a beautiful life and cute kids.

Not only he does his chores but can SWIM! I think many of us with normal arms and legs aren’t able to swim. Thus, successful people vs unsuccessful people means proactive people vs reactive people.


At the end of the day it is you who has the power to determine your fate. You can either choose to be unsuccessful and spend a miserable life.


You can follow the path of successful people to enjoy a majestic life. It isn’t rocket science between successful people vs unsuccessful people but simple small measures which differentiates them.



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